The Society has started these schools to instil learning through English medium, boosting up the morale of the kids against the English learning complex and to make them more competent.

An English-medium education system is one that uses English as the primary medium of instruction.  Now more than ever, most parents consider English to be the language of opportunity providing access to knowledge, power and material possessions. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of urban and rural parents want their children to learn English. This has had a significant impact on the policy and practice of primary and secondary education in post independent India. English medium schools, private or government-aided, have expanded rapidly to meet the overwhelming demand for admission from the middle and upper classes.


Till 1993, there was no English medium pre-primary and primary school in Dhamangaon.  Having realized the importance of English and foreseeing the competitive future ahead, the parents in those days had a growing concern about the education of their children. Consequently, there was a constant demand from the parents of Dhamangaon and its precinct to start English medium pre-primary and primary school to fulfil their urge of educating their wards from such schools.

Having due regard to the requirement of the parents and believing  that the toddlers are most receptive in their initial years to learn any new language other than their mother tongue, Dhamangaon Education Society started the English medium pre-primary school in 1993 in the building of Smt. Haribai Bhagchandji Prathmik Vidyalaya.
Later, in the year 1994, the Society by its strenuous and sustained efforts received sanction from the Government to start the first standard of the primary school.  In the subsequent years, based on the principle of natural growth, the school was granted permission to add the next grades up to fourth standard on permanent no grant basis. In the year 1998, the construction work of an independent and spacious building for these schools in the campus of Smt. H.G.K. Vidyalaya was completed.  The building which is indeed a piece of architectural marvel was inaugurated on 5Th Sept. 1998 by Shri Narayandasji Bhattad, the senior executive member and ex-President of D. E. S.  On this occasion, the pre-primary school was renamed as Sau. Dhapudevi Bhattad English Medium Pre-Primary School.  Both schools shifted to their new building in the academic session 1998-1999. The well-preserved, cool, unpolluted and serene environment of the campus provides an ideal atmosphere for teaching and learning.

Started with the bare strength of 17 students during the year of its inception, the schools together at present have strength of more than 850 students.  Each class has two sections.  The school has an excellent cadre of dedicated teachers.  In all, there are 22 trained teachers and 8 non-teaching employees to manage the smooth functioning of these schools. The school is led by the Head Mistress, Mrs. Swati S. Gogte.  Each section is named after the magnificent flower.  The walls are decorated with artistically designed flex boards which allure the students. The students are exposed to varied educational activities by showing them compacts discs with the aid of L.C.D.

The school regularly organizes various programmes, competitions and cultural activities to give vent to the latent talents of the kids and to inculcate in their minds the leading qualities. The students are aptly rewarded for their extra ordinary qualities as a mark of recognition for the latent talents exhibited by them. The school magazine entitled RAINBOW gives an opportunity to the students to express their artistic creativity and writing skill.  The school maintains the children library to develop amongst them the fondness for extraneous reading complementary to their academic activities.  The staff of the school is always keen to evince their sense of creativity to easily explain the subjects like English, Mathematics and Science to their students.  Special coaching classes are arranged to prepare the students for the scholarship examinations.


It is matter of great pride for the school that one of its teachers, Shri Sandesh Nakhate has been selected as the Master Trainer to train the teachers from the schools of zilla parishad and municipal councils for effective teaching of English. The selection was made under the joint project of British Council and Maharashtra Government implemented to elevate the standard of teaching of English in the primary schools in the state of Maharashtra.


The school constantly endeavours to instil the feeling of respect, sense of discipline, excellent morals, affability, team spirit, endearment, scientific temperament, attitude towards cleanliness, and good behavior in the minds of the kids.  


We are proud of our students and the students are proud of their school.