Having regard to the growing importance of computer education and its multifarious applications practically in every field of human civilization, Dhamangaon Education Society started this institute in 1986 with a view to provide the facilities of studying Computer Science to the learners equipping them with the necessary skills and innovative procedures of work and prepare them to ably meet the challenges of 21ST century.

Computers have changed the way we work, irrespective of the profession.  Computers play a vital role in every field. Considering the use of computer technology in almost every sphere of life, it is important for everyone to have at least the basic knowledge of using computers. Today, a life aawithout computers is unimaginable.  Knowledge of computers can propel one's career in the right direction. It is because of this that the role of computers in education has been given a lot of importance in recent years. The advantages of computers in education are manifold.  This is also why our educational system has introduced computer education in the school curriculum. Computers facilitate effective presentation of information. Computers enable access to the Internet which has information on literally everything.  However, it is not just the education sector which computers have impacted.  They are of tremendous use in every field.  Like the conventional and existing openings of education, computer education has also become the integral part of our life.

The number of institutes imparting computer education to the youths keen to accept the challenges of the 21ST century was inadequate during the late nineties of the 20Th century even in the progressive state like Maharashtra. Most of such institutes were localized in cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur etc. The youths from the small places in those days could not even think to join such institutes due to their enormous fees and an exorbitant cost of living. Consequently, it was thought that going in for such specialized training was an exclusive right of the students belonging to the affluent families residing in big cities.

Recognizing the importance of computer education and cherishing the ambition of providing the access to the youths of this region to this amazing branch of learning and enlivening and transfiguring them by the magic performance of this device, Dhamangaon Education Society in 1986 established the Model Computer Institute on the premises of Adarsha Mahavidyalaya and thus opened avenues to the aspiring youths and working personnel evincing an absorbing interest in acquiring the skills of this specialized branch of knowledge.  Subsequently, the institute was recognized by the Board of Technical education, Government of Maharashtra, Mumbai.  In the very year of its inception, Post Graduate Diploma Course of one year duration entitled ‘Advance Diploma in Computer Software and System Analysis’ was started.  The Institute was the first in the entire Vidarbha Region to start the said course recognized by the Board.

Presently, the Institute apart from its routine activities is providing computer training facilities to the students of various schools run by Dhamangaon Education Society. Similarly, it has also established the computer training centers in the campus of the schools of the Society. The Institute also conducts various short term courses to familiarize the students with Computer Awareness.  It is also a Network Access Centre (NAC) for MS-CIT course of the State Government.


(1)  Maiden Institute in the entire Vidarbha to start one Year Post Graduate Diploma Course.
(2)  The Institute has A. C. Laboratory equipped with adequate number of systems and printers.

(3)  Sufficient number of books on Computer Science and Technology are made available.

(4)  The Society has so far incurred an expenditure of Rs.10 Lac on the development of this center.

(5)  Hostel facility is available for the learners coming from other places.

(6)  Most of the students of this institute are serving in various institutes and organizations.


Late Shri Laxminarayanji Agrawal, ex-President, Shri Alsidasji Rathi, the then Secretary of Dhamangaon Education Society and Late Shri R. R. Kulkarni, the ex-Principal of Adarsha Mahavidyalaya were instrumental in establishing this institute.