Sanskrit language being the supreme source of Indian culture, the Society is running this institution as a charity to strive for the promotion and teaching of this traditional subject and to do away with the scares of its obsolescence.

Sanskrit is an ancient and classical language of India. The word Sanskrit means pure or refined.  It is antonym of Prakrit meaning natural. Sanskrit was considered as Dev Bhasha, Dev Vani or language of Gods by ancient Indians. 

Sanskrit is included in the list of modern Indian languages in the eighth schedule of the constitution of India. As per the Indian tradition, Sanskrit language is eternal. It is divine.  It is everlasting.  It was first used in Vedas and thereafter, it has been the means of expression in other fields.  Sanskrit has been the source of later languages and literature in India. 

The importance of Sanskrit as being the first, immaculate and affluent amongst the other languages in the world is well acknowledged since the Vedic ages.

Indian culture in all its aspects such as religion, literature, arts and science is rich. The ideal practices and ethical values fostered by it and with spiritual knowledge as its fountain-head can be perceived and realized from the repository of vast literature written in Sanskrit.  It is never possible to acquaint oneself with the knowledge of Indian culture without the support and correct understanding of Sanskrit language.  Therefore, cherishing the solicitude of preserving the enduring legacy of this ancient Indian language ever fresh and live, Dhamangaon Education Society, way back in 1953 started Ramchand Bhagchand Sanskrit Vidyalaya in a small town of Dhamangaon, thereby making an attempt to pay back in part the debt of gratitude of the Indian culture.

It needs to be specially mentioned that Dhamangaon Education Society has its own and separate building for the said Vidyalaya. The building was constructed out of the generous donations received from AA Shri Shrinarayanji Agrawal and Shri Dulichandji Agrawal.  The classes are held in the morning and evening sessions for the convenience of the students.

In the early years of its inception, the school used to prepare the boys and girls for the Sanskrit examinations of Killa Pardi.  However, since 1974, the students are prepared for Sanskrit examinations of various levels conducted by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.  These examinations are held twice in a year, which is in March and October.


It would not be out of state to make the emphatic mention of the following key aspects.
Instructions in Sanskrit in this Vidyalaya are imparted free of cost.
A gold medal in the fond memory of Late Shri Dulichandji Agrawal is awarded
to the student passing the examination securing highest number of marks

The results of the examinations are more than 90% every year.
Geeta Jayanti is celebrated every year in the Vidyalaya.  The students memorizing the selected Slokas (verses) and reciting the same in the exemplary way are suitably awarded.

Shri Harishchandra Bhikamalji Bhdhlani, the student of this Vidyalaya had secured 1st position in the Pradnya examination of Nagpur University and had earned a gold medal.

Sanskrit language known as Dev Vani in Prakrit is chief among others, melodious and unparalleled.  Dhamangaon Education Society has been running this Sanskrit Vidyalaya since last sixty years as a charity because of its interest, affection and intense desire of spreading and propagating the sacred cause of Sanskrit among the common masses.


Revered Shri Deole Shastri, a man having enriched himself with the thorough knowledge of Vedas had the privilege to be the first teacher of this school.  Later, Shri Agre, Shri Paralkar, Shri Gokhale, Shri Khangan and Miss Shobha Deshpande followed the suit. At present, Miss Roshani Mahalle and Miss Netal Jagtap are employed as teachers.  Every year, more than 100 students enrol at the school for various examinations.