Late Shri Shrinarayanji Agrawal

Founder, Dhamangaon Education Society


"We want that Education by which the character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet."

Swami Vivekanand

Let us keep these objectives in mind and dedicate ourselves to instil the importance of education in masses.


Late Shri Shrinarayanji Agrawal, a teenager at the age of just 13, adopted by Late Shri Ramchandraji Agrawal, became the sole heir to the rich Agrawal family of Dhamangaon. But neither the wealth nor the luxury could allure him for the mundane pleasure. Instead he preferred to serve the society dedicating his entire life to the noble cause of education.

He initially started Marwadi Boarding wherein young boys, in and around the township, were offered free accommodation irrespective of the  caste and creed. They were even provided free food and clothing. Shrinarayanji himself taught them  to read and write and also cared for their health and hygiene. A Gandhian by temperament, action and believer in the society based on human values, Shrinarayanji shifted to the boarding and started living along with the inmates. He used to wake them up early in the morning and practise yoga, malkhamb, wrestling and other physical exercises. He worked hard for the all-round development (physical, moral, cultural, educational, mental) of the inmates. Being a rationalist, he himself wrote stage plays in Hindi, Marathi and Marwari depicting mainly the ills prevailing at that time, To fight against the bad traditions and blind faith in the society, he even directed the stage shows through his students. He was a writer, producer, director, makeup man, costume designer…all in one. For the benefit of his students he learnt, mastered and also taught the art of paper making, photography, playing the harmonium etc. During 1914, with the co-operation of like minded colleagues, he laid the foundation of Dhamangaon Education Society.



Late Shri Laxminarayanji Agrawal

Visionary and Architect, Dhamangaon Education Society


A genius and an ardent lover of education, Late Shri Laxminarayanji Agrawal believed in an adage ‘Vidyadhanam Sarvadhan Pradhanam’ and dedicated 45 precious years of his life for promoting and spreading the sacred cause of education. He always cherished and nurtured the philosophy of accepting a child from the swinging cradle and returning it back to the society in the form of a cultured youth only after its complete educational metamorphosis.

Late Shree Laxminarayanji Agrawal, the former President and the chief Architect of  DHAMANGAON EDUCATION SOCIETY had an exquisite blend of personality. A genius, he was best known for his serenity, philanthropy, prudence, ingenuity, eloquence and organizational skill. His commitment to the human values was extra-ordinary. A man of sharp intellect and  bright countenance, he enlightened and breathed life into every corner of the town and within its precinct by his outstanding work and selfless service.

An ardent lover of education,  Late Shree Laxminarayanji believed in an adage Vidyadhanam Sarvadhan Pradhanam and dedicated 45 precious years of his life for promoting and spreading the scared cause of education. During his association with D.E.S. he made ambitious plans and made commendable strides to widen the scope of its activities initiated by his forefathers and gradually  opened institutions from Nursery to Collegiate level with different courses and varied combinations of subjects. Being an integral part of the Society througout his life, he had discharged his responsibilities with utmost care and gave his vision and dedication to the continuous development of its realm. The Society and its institutions under his able guidance have achieved several landmarks.

The present profile of D.E.S. as it looks today is a legacy of his far-sighted planning and fortitude. The Society owes him very much for his superb contribution to the worthy cause of education.

Shri Laxminarayanji breathed his last on 9th June 1988. After the last rites of this illustrious human being, the holy Land at the gateway of each institution of Dhamangaon Education Society, as per his will, was sprinkled with the ashes of his mortal remains. The intention in doing so was to fulfil his potential desire to rest eternally at the feet of those for whom his life was destined.